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Atoco’s Advanced Mixed Gas Characterization

Explore our cutting-edge laboratory, equipped with advanced testing equipment and analysis capabilities, to conduct research on mixed-gas adsorption.

Precision Measurement and Modeling

At Atoco, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment, innovative testing protocols, and advanced modeling techniques at the atomic level to transform the carbon capture industry.

Decoding Complexity

Atoco operates advanced technology to thoroughly understand complex gas mixtures, determining how a particular adsorbent interacts with the feed stream. This could involve the precise analysis of:

Mixed-gas adsorption capacity in real-life environments, including CO2 capture capacity in the presence of water and nitrogen at various temperatures.

Gas separation kinetics, quantifying the rates at which an adsorbent captures and releases a gas, providing essential insights into the efficiency of carbon capture.

Short and long-term performance stability, evaluating key aspects such as thermal and steam stability, cyclic stability during pressure/temperature swings, and resistance to acid gases like NOX and SO2.

Pursuing Excellence

At Atoco, our advanced testing, analysis, and modeling capabilities enable precise design and fast optimization of the adsorbents, meticulously tailored to meet the unique requirements of our customers.

Meet Prof. Glover

Prof. Glover has over 20 years of experience in gas separation and adsorption technologies and currently heads Atoco’s advanced capabilities in mixed-gas adsorption. Prof. Glover has extensive research and development expertise in the field of reticular and porous materials and has published numerous technical journal articles in this area.


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