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Atoco’s CEO featured in Forbes

Our Polluted Skies Require Carbon Capture

Thanks to Ken Silverstein of Forbes for taking time to interview our CEO, Dr. Samer Taha.
His article emphasizes the critical need for advancements in energy efficiency to make carbon capture technologies not just environmentally sustainable, but also economically viable.


The global community is determined to hit net zero by 2050 to avert a climate breakdown. But how is this possible when fossil fuels account for 80% of the world’s energy production? Several solutions are at hand, including carbon capture, which ensnares CO2 from the atmosphere and smokestack.


If we continue to use oil, natural gas, and coal, developing and commercializing carbon capture and sequestration is vital. However, it is an expensive and elusive technology, and multiple projects have fallen flat, including the U.S.-funded FutureGen and some private deals like Southern Company’s Kemper plant.


A company called Atoco says it has the technology to change that. It specializes in capturing CO2 once it is in the atmosphere, although its processes can also snag it at the industrial smokestack. Operational inefficiency is the primary obstacle, dramatically raising the cost. Atoco says it has a “new class of technology, ” resulting in a 50% energy reduction in the lab.  ()


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