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The founder of reticular chemistry and the second most-cited chemist in the world. Since 2012, Prof. Omar Yaghi has been the James and Neeltje Tretter Chair Professor of Chemistry at University of California, Berkeley. He is the Founding Director of the Berkeley Global Science Institute, as well as the Co-Director of the Kavli Energy NanoSciences Institute and the California Research Alliance by BASF. Additionally, from 2009 to 2016, he was the head of the Center for Reticular Materials at NIMs, Tsukuba, Japan.

Prof. Omar Yaghi received more than 55 prestigious global awards and medals throughout his celebrated career, including the Albert Einstein World Award of Science in 2017.

Among his inventions, Prof. Omar Yaghi is famously known for his invention of MOF and COF technologies, which helps in achieving cleaner air, cleaner energy, and cleaner water.

He demonstrated the ability to design and develop novel materials, with atomic processions, that can be used for the capture, storage, separation, and controlled chemistry of a wide range of gases and molecules. They have a wide range of potential applications in support of the transition to zero net carbon, purification, catalysis, and sensing.