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Prof. Glover has over 20 years of experience separating gases with porous materials, and since 2012 Prof. Glover has operated a university research group focused on understanding mixed-gas adsorption, mass transfer in porous materials, and absorption in ionic liquids.  He has published numerous journal publications, government reports, and patents detailing gas adsorption and porous materials development, and he is the editor of the 2018 book Gas Adsorption in Metal Organic Frameworks: Fundamentals and Applications published by CRC Taylor & Francis.  In 2017 he received the Russ and Robin Lea Faculty Innovation Award, and the South Alabama College of Engineering Excellence in Research Award.   

Prior to his academic appointment, Prof. Glover worked for SAIC/Leidos as a Defense Department contractor where he executed experiments studying the filtration of acutely toxic compounds from air, managed a pilot scale test facility, and supervised novel adsorbent materials research for chemical defense.  During his time at SAIC/Leidos he received the Living Our Values Award and the SAIC Division Level Employee of the Year Award. 

Prof. Glover holds a B.S. degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology, a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University, and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of California, Los Angeles.