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About Us

A global team of leading scientists, innovative entrepreneurs, seasoned business leaders join hands with reputable research partners to leverage science to tackle climate change.

Atomic Precision for the Planet

We’re on a mission to develop sustainable and transformational solutions in the fields of atmospheric water harvesting and carbon capture.

Our Story

Atoco was founded by Prof. Omar Yaghi to cultivate decades of discoveries and advancements in the field of reticular chemistry to serve the planet. Innovative entrepreneurs, distinguished scientists, business leaders, venture capitals, research institutes and a global technology commercialization group, all committed to the cause of serving the planet, joined Prof. Yaghi in his journey to accomplish Atoco’s mission.


More than the sum of our parts.

Atoco’s laboratories and manufacturing facilities are based in Irvine, California. Atoco has also a regional commercial office in Dubai, UAE.


Atoco is made up of two words – “atom” and “company”. As a company we operate at the atomic level, assuming that we are more than the sum of our parts.

Atoco delivers atomic precision for the planet.


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Our Values

Precision – We focus on every detail, from every angle.


Courage – We challenge conventions with creativity.


Integrity – We do what’s right for the planet.


Sustainability – We create solutions for today and tomorrow.

Atoco R&D Labs

Our R&D laboratories are built to design, develop, measure and analyze novel reticular materials with atomic precision.

Our R&D team is operating some of the most advanced experimental setups in the world to emulate various post combustion scenarios and various atmospheric conditions, to stress-test our technologies.

Our Leadership Team

Meet our talented group of scientists, engineers, researchers, and leaders.

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