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Atmospheric Water Harvesting Technology

Our water harvesting solutions efficiently capture and generate pure water out of the atmosphere, even under dry conditions with relative humidity below 20%. Our technology can operate in passive mode without the use of electricity, thereby enabling off-grid operations with zero carbon footprint.

Our Technology

Our technology combines innovations in materials science, electromechanical engineering, and reticular chemistry. Our integrated solutions achieve unparalleled levels of energy efficiency in harvesting water from the atmosphere, including total passive operations.

At the heart of our technology is our novel molecularly engineered materials, based on the latest advancements in reticular chemistry. Our scientists were able to design and analyze novel materials with atomic precision, being able to track the sequence and behavior of water molecules as they get adsorbed into the novel material, enabling them to maximize the uptake and selectivity of the novel material to water vapor in the atmosphere.


Water Harvesting


The novel reticular materials used in our solutions allow our solutions to adsorb large amounts of water vapor in a wide range of conditions, even in extremely low-humidity environments below 20%. At the same time, the adsorbed water can be extracted using significantly less energy, than required by other sources of water.

Water Quality

The quality of water harvested using our novel reticular materials is extremely pure, requiring no additional filtration. The water generated by our atmospheric water harvesting solutions will fully comply with global standards, including WHO and EPA standards in the case of drinking water, and FAO water quality for agricultural purposes.


The novel reticular materials used in our solutions can be engineered to suit a wide range of environments, making our solutions a flexible solution for water harvesting in various climates and conditions.


The novel reticular materials used in our solutions are stable, highly serviceable, and can be used repeatedly, making our solutions a durable option for water harvesting for longer period of times, also at difficult to reach locations.


The novel reticular materials used in our solutions can be scaled up or down depending on the water needs of a particular application. They can also be designed based on noiseless operation, so there is no risk of disruption to users or communities nearby – even at a large scale.


Our atmospheric water harvesting solutions can be operated in either active or passive mode, being run with little or no electricity, enabling a strong baseline for a zero-carbon footprint. It also does not generate any brine, often associated with desalination plants.

Atmospheric Water Harvesting Applications

Explore the use-cases of our atmospheric water harvesting solutions.

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