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Why Atoco

We’re taking innovative action today to solve two of tomorrow’s biggest challenges facing our planet: carbon emissions – that contribute to rising temperatures and climate change – and water scarcity; a direct result of climate change.

We’re Taking on Climate Change One Challenge at a Time.

Starting with solving the challenges of water scarcity and carbon capture, our goal is to become the global leader in game-changing climate change solutions. With the brightest minds and passionate purpose, we intend to do what others have only talked about.

Why Atoco

We are deploying decades of discoveries and advancements in the fields of molecularly engineered materials and reticular chemistry to innovate solutions, designed with atomic precision, to solve the biggest challenges facing our planet, starting with global warming and water scarcity.

Global climate change is projected to continue throughout this century and beyond – unless we do something about it, today.

Solving the Cause and Effect of Climate Change

At Atoco, we take on the challenge of climate change on two fronts, tackling the root cause of climate change – the emissions of carbon dioxide – while also addressing one of the most severe implications of climate change: the widespread challenge of water scarcity across the globe.

Prof. Omar Yaghi

It won’t be something big, but actually something pretty small that can transform our planet … If the problem is in the air around us, so is the answer.
Our Challenge

Carbon Emissions

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are accelerating global warming at an alarming rate. With significant reductions in the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs), the global annual average temperature rise could be limited to 2°C or less. However, without major reductions in these emissions, the increase in annual average global temperatures, relative to pre-industrial times, could reach 5°C or more by the end of this century.

Public and private organizations have been trying different techniques to capture carbon dioxide, and several advancements have been made over the last decade. Capturing carbon dioxide, however, remains a relatively inefficient and not scalable process until this day.

With our novel solid state carbon capture technology, we can efficiently capture the emissions of carbon dioxide, both post-combustion (PCC) and directly from the atmosphere (DAC).

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Our Challenge

Water Scarcity

Almost two-thirds of the world’s population – four billion people – experience severe water scarcity for at least one month each year. Half of the world’s population could be living in areas facing water scarcity by as early as 2025. In addition, nearly 700 million people could be displaced by intense water scarcity by 2030.

While water scarcity has many causes, there is indisputably a correlation between climate change and water scarcity. As mean temperatures rise over time, the land becomes increasingly dry and arid.

By deploying our novel reticular materials, we can efficiently harvest water from the atmosphere, even in extremely low humidity conditions and potentially without the use of electricity. This will enable the generation of clean water in remote and arid areas and will additionally introduce new dimensions for the concept of water security.

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Our technology enables a sustainable future. Our carbon capture technology enables industries to become more sustainable by limiting their carbon emissions and by also removing existing carbon emissions from the atmosphere. The carbon capture technology itself is sustainable in terms of being based on robust novel materials that can be reused thousands of times.

Our atmospheric water harvesting technology enables the generation of clean water from a renewable source (the atmosphere) and without any side products that are harmful to the environment, like brine and carbon emissions. The atmospheric water harvesting technology itself is built based on robust novel materials that can be reused thousands of times.

Environmental Benefits of Atoco’s Carbon Capture Technology

Atoco’s carbon capture technology is being developed for the sole function of helping our planet to heal and avoid further damage to the environment, by enabling the cost-effective capture and separation of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and from industrial emissions.


Additionally, since our technology is based on solid-state novel materials, we eliminate the concern of leaking harmful liquid chemicals into the environment, a common drawback of most of the existing carbon capture solutions.

Environmental Benefits of Atoco’s Water Harvesting Technology

Atoco’s atmospheric water harvesting technology is being developed to provide an alternative, renewable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly solution for clean water. Today, especially in arid regions, clean water solutions are often not sustainable or environmentally friendly. For example, when the water supply comes from desalination it is associated with brine production and in many cases CO2 emissions; when it is extracted from deep underground sources it may not be renewable; and when it is supplied via long-distance transportation significant CO2 emissions can occur.


Atoco’s atmospheric water harvesting technology generates clean water while relieving the environment from the release of brine and CO2 emissions. In this way, Atoco’s atmospheric water harvesting technology also provides a new hope for expanding and accelerating the deployment of solutions for fighting desertification, one of the most alarming challenges facing our environment.

Our Promise

To deploy our innovative technology to reduce CO2 levels, revitalize communities experiencing drought and water scarcity, and make a cleaner planet for future generations.